A Heartfelt ‘Thank You’ & Hearty ‘Welcome’

(Image borrowed from Megan's LAP hiring announcement)

As many of you know, this January our good friend and M&T copy editor, Megan Fitzpatrick, took a full-time position as editor at Lost Art Press. For years, Megan juggled many roles at any given time, doing editorial work for Popular Woodworking, Lost Art Press, EAIA’s The Chronicle, and M&T. Megan took me under her wing right out of the gate to show me the ropes as I was putting together Issue One. Without any of my own background in publishing, for those first few issues, she was the only “one who actually knew what she was doing” around here. I cannot tell you how many times Megan graciously guided me (and then us) along the way, steering us away from missteps and catching our oversights. Copy editors do not get enough credit. Every issue, Megan went beyond the call of duty to point out better ways to recast the jumbled sentences we got upon which we were stuck on. We are forever indebted to Megan for her friendship and expertise. Megan, thank you, thank you, thank you.

And, yes, you all know where this post is going… since Megan is now dedicated full-time to Lost Art Press, she is no longer able to fulfill the role of copy editor at M&T. Thankfully, her associate at LAP, Kara Gebhart Uhl, is taking up the mantle. And we already love working with Kara. She’s copy edited my latest book, Worked (due to ship in only a few weeks) and she also edited my first book, Hands Employed Aright (Lost Art Press, 2018). She’s an excellent editor, and as you will see from her bio below, she is an accomplished author in her own right. 

So, without further ado, we heartily welcome Kara on the M&T team as copy editor. We look forward to working together again – Issue Thirteen will be heading her way in a couple months.



Kara Gebhart Uhl lives in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, with her husband, daughter, and twin sons. A former managing editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine and Writer’s Digest magazine, Kara now writes and edits for myriad clients, including Lost Art Press. Her essays and poetry have appeared in This I Believe: Life Lessons (Wiley, 2013), The New York Times parenting blog, TIME magazine’s parenting blog, Literary Mama and Motherwell. She’s the author of a children’s book, Cadi & the Cursed Oak, illustrated by Elin Manon (Lost Art Press, 2022). A lover of picture books, travel and people’s stories, Kara spends much of her free time enjoying the never-ending surprises of motherhood.


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