A Fine Photo Shoot

If you’re a subscriber to Fine Woodworking, you might notice a familiar name on the very last page of the October 2021 issue. Joshua was honored to pen a short reflection that was published in their “From the Bench” column, about why he uses hand tools. He managed to reference both Sōetsu Yanagi and Albert Borgmann, quite the feat for a brief article.

But our friend Barry Dima from Fine Woodworking is visiting today, doing the photography for a full-length article Joshua wrote for a future issue. Not to give anything away about the subject matter, but it may involve historic furniture making, wide pine, and a coarsely set fore plane. Keep your eyes peeled for it.

Our relationship with Fine Woodworking is a special one. They’ve been a sponsor of Mortise & Tenon since the early days and have always supported our efforts. It’s a unique thing in the publishing world to maintain that kind of a friendship, but we see our mutual endeavors as complementary. Some of our best highlights of past years have been catching up with Barry, Ben Strano, and others on the team at the Lie-Nielsen Open House or Fine Woodworking Live. We’re grateful to know this crew, and Joshua is definitely psyched to contribute to their publication.


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