$65 International Subscription!

Big news for all you international readers! One of the major benefits of our shifting to the printer fulfilling future subscriptions is that we are able to get their enormous international shipping discount.

For years, we’ve sympathized with folks overseas who sent us emails complaining that our shipping rates are so high. We’ve looked into several alternatives but always hit dead ends. We agreed the rate was stupid high, but could do nothing about it. For example, the shipping we’ve had to charge for our $45 two-issue subscription has been $48, making the grand total $93. Ouch.

But our hands have been tied – until now.

Because our printer will now be sending subscriptions directly, we are able to dramatically reduce the international cost of subscription from the $93 total to a flat rate of $65 (free shipping). That lowers the cost of an international subscription by $28. We can’t even tell you how thrilled we are about this!

For those of you outside of the U.S.A. that have wanted to subscribe but couldn’t swing the shipping, it’s now time to sign-up. Starting today, all international subscriptions (which will begin with Issue Nine due in October) are only $65.

Sometimes in the darkness of confusing times, sweet surprises like this are gifted to us. I certainly count this shipping rate discount as one of those gifts.

A second blessing to announce is the fact that Another Work is Possible will be arriving on a freight truck early next week! AWP will be in your hands soon, folks!

This is a day to rejoice in!

- Joshua


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