A Visit to the Printer

Last week I got back from a trip to Wisconsin to visit extended family. It was a great time off from work to simply play around and catch up with many people I hadn’t seen in years.

During the trip, I made sure to drop in at my printer’s facility. M&T is printed at Royle Printing in Sun Prairie, WI. I brought the wife and kids and my folks even came along too. I was really interested to see the place this magazine was made. I chose Royle based on a recommendation and was delighted with the final product but, wow, I wasn’t prepared for how classy this facility was. When we arrived, we were greeted by a sign at the door that said, “Welcome Joshua Klein and family!” Woah. I am pretty sure that my publication is the smallest one they work with but they treated us like we were their best customer. I really couldn’t believe how professional and knowledgeable everyone was that I met.

The tour started off at the web press that M&T was printed on. It was amazing to see the lightning speed at which everything moves. They have three of these massive presses running 24/7.  

We continued along to the binding processes, sheet fed press, etc. The whole place was immaculately clean. No dust accumulating. No debris on the floor anywhere. All the paper bits got sucked away into a collection bin to be bundle up and recycled. All the little dodads and spinny-dos of the presses were running like clockwork. It was very impressive.

I am very happy with our choice of printer. They are big enough to handle accounts much, much bigger than mine but are small enough that I only have a few folks to work with. It’s a very personal and friendly business. I feel fortunate to be working with such a classy place. Thanks for the tour, Royle!

Check out this video Royle filmed during the first run of M&T:

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