"Restoring & Using Wooden Bench Planes"

"Restoring & Using Wooden Bench Planes"

$ 150.00
September 7th, 2018     9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Lost Art Press 837 Willard Street Covington, KY 41011

“I do not think the tools such as were used in the days of my youth can be surpassed. Even admitting the excellence of the modern tools that are used by hand, the old joiner’s affection remains for the old style of tools. He feels a spirit of affinity in a plane made of warm beech that does not seem to exist for him in cold hard steel.” – Walter Rose (1937)

Wooden bench planes are more than quaint relics screwed to the walls of kitschy restaurants. In fact, the entire pre-industrial world was built using this ingenious tool that is little more than a block of wood with a cutting iron wedged into it. This is astonishing to modern woodworkers who assume newer is always better. But wooden planes have many advantages over their metal-bodied counterparts including: lightness, lack of sole friction, comfort in use, intuitive adjustment, tactile feedback, and a matchless beauty.

In this class, students will bring their own grubby second-hand planes and learn to remove grime while preserving patina, repair broken components, fine tune the bed, wedge, and iron/cap iron for optimal performance, flatten soles, and finish with shellac. The remaining time in the class will be spent exploring the (intuitive and simple) adjustment method in practical use at the bench.

The goal of this class is to empower 21st-century woodworkers to give these time-tested, but often neglected, tools a new life.

Payment deadline is August 19th. (Cancellations will be accepted up until three weeks before the class, for a full refund minus any bank fees.)