“Good Handicraftsmen” Poster

“Good Handicraftsmen” Poster

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Features the exquisite 1906 Aline Lamy painting featured on the inside covers of Issue Ten. We scanned this from an antique postcard I purchased a few years ago. The postcard has Cyrillic text which can be translated into English “Paris. Salon. Declaration of a strike.” So, it seems our busy Parisian craftsman is depicted hearing news of yet another labor strike. Lamy was born in France in 1862 and later on in her life moved to Topeka, Kansas where she painted this scene in 1906 (France’s “peak strike year” during this time according to Encyclopedia Britannica). It is clear from the scene’s details that she had a clear memory of this shop. It’s possible that the painting may have been based upon sketches from her time in France. It’s hard to be sure from the craftsman’s expression what exactly he thinks of the hubbub going on outside his window, but to my eye the man looks quite at home in the shop with shavings laying at his feet.

A quote from John Ruskin is below: “Now it is only by labor that thought can be made healthy, and only by thought that labor can be made happy, and the two cannot be separated with impunity. It would be well if all of us were good handicraftsmen in some kind, and the dishonor of manual labor done away with altogether.”

This 11" wide x 18" tall poster is printed on heavyweight, matte-coated paper in the United States.

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