10 Essential Furniture Repairs DVD

10 Essential Furniture Repairs DVD

$ 29.00

This video, produced by Popular Woodworking, is like spending a day inside a working furniture conservation studio. Based on our years of experience, we walk you through the most common repairs with no-nonsense solutions that respect the integrity of the piece.

Forget trying to super glue loose tenons. Stop crashing stuck drawers shut with your hip. Don't bother with complicated home-brew recipes for white rings in an old finish.

After laying out some basic questions to consider before tackling the project, we cover:

1. Repairing Loose Joints

2. Repairing Veneer Damage

3. Repairing Severed Round Tenons

4. Repairing Severed Square Tenons

5. Repairing Broken Spindles, Stretchers, and Legs

6. Addressing Sticking Drawers

7. Removing White Rings and Haze in a Finish

8. Restore Faded Finishes

9. Repair Loose Screws

10. Safely Cleaning and Waxing a Finish and Inpainting

If you've ever wanted to pick up a 'fixer-upper' antique piece but been unsure how to restore it or if you've been putting off the repair of a beloved heirloom simply because you are nervous you'll 'mess it up', we recommend you start here. Better to learn from a professional than dive in a make a mistake that can never be undone.

Total Run time: 167 minutes