Apprenticeship Series Bundle: Foundations & Tables

Apprenticeship Series Bundle: Foundations & Tables

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View sneak peeks from the Foundations video here.

This first foundational video in our Apprenticeship series serves as an overview for those interested in the hand-tool-only furniture making process. Come into the shop of Joshua Klein, editor of Mortise & Tenon Magazine, to absorb the woodworking methods he’s learned from examining countless pre-industrial originals. The evidence of process left behind as tool marks gives a beauty and authenticity that no machine can mimic.

In this video, Joshua sets out to unravel the unjustified mystique about hand tool woodworking for M&T readers. After looking at the basic tool set and sharpening, Joshua walks through how he selects his lumber and processes it with hand tools. The heart of the video is the demonstration and explanation of the foundational furniture joinery. An introduction to using shellac and milk paint closes the tutorial. Throughout the video, Joshua busts the myth that working wood by hand is simply naïve anachronism. To the contrary, he’s discovered it to be a surprisingly efficient and viable option for the 21st century woodworker.

We invite you to cut the cord and join us on this journey.

Total run time:136 minutes



View sneak peeks from the Tables video here.

Following our first “Foundations” video, this second installment in our Apprenticeship series introduces pre-industrial table construction. With this build, Joshua Klein, editor of Mortise & Tenon Magazine, demonstrates the skills and conveys the mindset to approach any table build without elaborate plans or expensive (and dangerous) machines.

Because most period tables share the same guts, Klein teaches the way you’d learn in a real apprenticeship setting—you learn the table’s form. Rather than drawing plans for every single commission, period artisans typically approached each piece the same. To them, a table was a table—all the rest is decoration. The table built in this video has almost all the variations you will encounter in your own build.

Because we’re determined to teach the efficiencies and tolerances of pre-industrial woodworking, we believe seeing it in the context of a build is important. It’s one thing to tell you not to worry about tear-out but it’s another to show you exactly how much is acceptable.

This video is about working efficiently with simple tools to achieve real results. It is a powerful feeling to build furniture with only a few hand planes and saws. We want you to experience this and believe anyone can do it.


Total run time: 219 minutes (2 discs)